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How to Use Self-Bet Terminals

Turfway has three kinds of self-service wagering terminals. Two accept the FastBet card. To start, pick up a card (it's free!) at the FasTrack Rewards booth on the first floor.

The FasTrack/FastBet card provides ticketless wagering at any FasTrack/FastBet touchscreen terminal. Your wagers are recorded on the card and your winnings are automatically credited to it.

You can withdraw or deposit funds to your card any time using the full self-service terminal. The track's administrative teller also can assist you with managing funds on your card.

If you already have a FasTrack Rewards card, it's easy to switch to FastBet. Simply exchange your old card for the new one. Your points automatically transfer to the new card.

Your FasTrack/FastBet card is password-protected and reusable. No more worries about lost winning tickets!

The Full-Service FastBet Terminal
  • Accepts vouchers, winning tickets, cash and your FasTrack/FastBet card
  • Allows you to make cash or voucher deposits to your FasTrack/FastBet card
  • Allows you to make voucher withdrawals on your FasTrack/FastBet card
NOTE: When you use a voucher, cash, or winning ticket, you will receive a paper ticket. No paper ticket is issued when you use a FasTrack/FastBet card.

The Card-Only FastBet Terminal
  • Accepts only FasTrack/FastBet cards
  • Does not generate a paper ticket
  • Offers live race videos
  • Shows program information and real-time odds
  • Shows results
  • Allows you to review your wagering history and account balance

Using the FasTrack/FastBet Terminals
  1. Sign up for the FasTrack/FastBet card.
  2. Fund the card with any amount you choose by visiting Turfway's administrative teller or using the full self-service terminal.
  3. Depending on the machine you are using, either insert a voucher, winning ticket, or cash as prompted OR swipe the card. The first time you use the card, enter 1234 as the PIN. The terminal will require you to choose a new PIN for increased security.
  4. Touch the name of the track you want to play and follow the screen prompts to enter the amount, pool, and runner number(s).
  5. Touch "Accept Bet" to place the wager. The wager will appear on the screen and be recorded on your card. To make additional bets, touch "Start Bet Over."
  6. When you're finished playing, touch "Finish." (If using a voucher, tickets will print and an additional ticket will print showing any unused funds.)
  7. To cancel a wager: For electronic tickets, touch "Cancel" on the screen and follow the instructions on the screen. NOTE: Electronic ticket wagers over $100 cannot be canceled. For paper tickets of any amount, insert the ticket in the terminal and follow the instructions or visit any teller.
  8. Winnings are automatically credited to your card as soon as race results are official. NOTE: If a winning bet qualifies for IRS withholding, the account is credited or payment made after the required paperwork is submitted to the administrative teller.
  9. To collect your winnings, take your card to the administrative teller.
Using the Standard Betting Terminal
Standard Betting Machines accept vouchers and on busy days are set up to accept cash as well.
  1. Purchase a voucher from a teller for any amount you choose
  2. Insert the voucher into the machine (or, if the option is available, insert cash)
  3. Using the touchscreen, select the track you want to play. Touch the "Events" button to display more tracks.
  4. Select the amount of your bid. "Min" is the minimum bet, the 10-cent Superfecta.
  5. On successive screens, select the race number, the type of bid (pools) and the number(s) of the horse(s).
  6. To cancel the bet, touch "Voucher."
  7. To finish the bet, touch "Ticket." You will receive a paper ticket.
  8. To back up through the screens, touch "Clear."