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Turfway Park Aftercare Funding Program


Turfway Park and its horsemen understand the value of supporting resources whose mission is to provide humane care to retired racehorses. The following process will provide financial support for agencies that work directly with Turfway Park horsemen to assist with care and relocation of retired Thoroughbred horses.

  1. The horsemen's bookkeeper will assess $1 per starter from the owner's account, to be held in the Turfway Aftercare Program (TAP) account. If an owner does not wish to participate, he or she may contact the horsemen's bookkeeper to opt out of the program.

  2. Turfway Park will contribute $1 per starter to the TAP account.

  3. Turfway will accept independent donations to the TAP fund.

  4. At the end of the calendar year, the balance of the fund will be apportioned to the agencies that have accepted horses from Turfway Park horsemen. This includes horses transferred to the agencies through our surrender stall program and horses surrendered directly to the agencies by trainers/owners who properly identify the horses as Turfway horses.

  5. Turfway horses are those who last raced at Turfway Park, are turned in to our surrender stall, or are stabled on our grounds at the time of surrender.

  6. The agencies will provide Turfway with a disposition report for all horses entered into their program from Turfway Park horsemen. We will ask for mid-year and end-of-year reports from all participating agencies. The reports will

    (a) identify the percentage of horses received by each agency; and
    (b) validate that the agency is meeting its mission by properly advancing horses that can be retrained.

  7. The allocation will be based on the percentage of horses taken by each agency in a calendar year.

  8. A detailed report concerning funding and disposition of TAP horses will be provided to the horsemen in January.